SLD began as a litigation firm defending clients during proceedings. This was progressively complemented with consultancy and support activities which later gained equal prominence.

The litigation department is experienced and specialised in the firm’s areas of expertise.

SLD defends the client in judicial and arbitration disputes in all areas involving businesses, in ordinary and urgent proceedings, by using a reliable, Italian and abroad network of associates.

Assistance includes providing an assessment of risk of an unfavourable outcome and the management of relations with the other party before the litigation stage, using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, conciliation and mediation processes.

The department’s professionals take part in the arbitration proceedings as members of the arbitration board or as single arbitrators appointed by the parties or relevant authorities (the Presidency of the Court /Court of Appeals, President of Professional Associations).

Target areas are mainly:
. company contractual disputes,
. banking and financial disputes,
. disputes with public entities and public administrations,
. consumer disputes,
. copyright disputes,
. disputes over telecommunications matters, Internet and computer law,
. credit recovery and enforcement procedures for the expropriation of fixed or non-fixed assets, held by third parties.

Head of the Department
Adv. Antonio Donvito
Team members
Adv. Daniela Schiatti, Adv. Stefania Fiocchi, Adv. Filippo Donvito, Adv. Silvia Melodia, Adv. Domenico Pone, Adv. Ruggero Pupo.

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